Preparing our children for a 21st Century Multi-Ethnic Global Economy

School District Reform Collaborative we are driven to help school districts prepare students to become college ready.

1.2 million students drop out of school in the United States each year.  For decades, public, private and charter school systems, as well as foundations and countless agencies, have attempted to address the lack of progress to better educate our workforce.  As a  result, our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 2.3 trillion dollars lower.


Another factor that will create a devastating impact on our workforce within the next decade is the demographic shift our nation is facing.  Based on census data, most of our future workforce will come from our black and brown student populations. The evidence also suggests that a disproportionate number of our black and brown students are failing to complete the education necessary to be successful in a 21st century multi-ethnic global economy.  According to many economists, the United States and OECD nations who now enjoy 72% of the world's GDP will only have 35% of the world's GDP by the year 2050 due to the rise and growth from Asia.

This tremendous shift in the world's economy will be devastating for the United States and the Western World.  The crisis in our economy  is partly due to the fact that some of the developing countries have embraced major innovations in their educational systems over the  past few decades that have contributed to their emerging economies.  In order to obtain better results, we must do things  differently.  The School District Reform Collaborative is designed to bring together three representatives (superintendent, central  office administrator/principal and teacher) from one hundred districts in order to share evidence-based and reform practices that are  helping to transform schools.  Three hundred participants will meet once a year for a two day summit.

Our Focus

  • Curriculum Review
  • Strategic Planning
  • Audits 

                   Financial Audit

                   Special Education Audit/Review

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Our Service

The SDRC two-day forum promises to provide superintendents, administrators, and teachers with experiences and knowledge that will help infuse standards of quality and excellence into reform initiatives for their school district so that they can meet the needs of all students. 


SDRC 2014 Summit